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Quest Issue: Volume 23 #2
Apollo 1 astronauts during a training exercise

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Table of Contents

  • "The Evolutionary Role of the Astronaut from Apollo 1 to Apollo 8," by Eric Pearson
  • "What Kind of Landsat-D Ground Station Can we Export to China?" by James E. David
  • "Edgar D. Mitchell: Shifting Perspectives," an interview by Sheree Scarbourough
  • "Six Months Above the Planet," by Cosmonaut Valery V. Ryumin

Book Reviews

  • "Not for Ourselves Along: The Evolution and Role of the Titan II Missile in the Cold War," by Gary B. Conine, review by J.D. Hunley
  • "Safe Is Not an Option: Overcoming the Futile Obsession with Getting Everyone Back Alive Is Killing Our Expansion Into Space," by Rand Simberg, review by Roger D. Launius
  • "The Twenty-First Century in Space" by Ben Evans, review by Lisa Westwood
  • "Mission Control: Investing the Groundwork of Spaceflight," by Michael Peter Johnson, review by Layne Karafantis
  • "Soviet Space Mythologies: Public Images, Private Memories, and the Making of a Cultural Identity," by Slava Gerovitch, review by Matthew Shindell
  • "German Rocketeers in the Heart of Dixie: Making Sense of the Nazi Past during the Civil Rights Era," by Monique Laney, review by Layne Karafantis
  • "Left Brains for the Right Stuff: Computers, Space, and History," by Hugh Blair-Smith, review by Paul E. Ceruzzi.