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Quest Issue: Volume 24 #1
John Glenn is shown enjoying a tour of the flight deck in the orbiter Columbia at the Orbiter Processing Facility 3 at Kennedy Space Center.

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Table of Contents

  • "The NASA Art Program: Technology, Art, and Contested Visions of Progress, 1962-1973" by Tracee Haupt -- Winner of the 2016 Sacknoff Prize for Space History
  • "The Short Life of Akjuit Aerospace and SpacePort Canada" by Andrew B. Godefroy
  • Oral History: John H. Glenn, Jr: Godspeed by Sheree Scarborough
  • "On Course to Tomorrow: A History of Lear Siegler Instrument Division's Manned Spaceflight Systems, 1958-1981" by Glen Swanson
  • "Two Cape Canaveral Space History Museums" by Christopher Gainor
Book Reviews

  • "Calculated Risk: The Supersonic Life and Times of Gus Grissom" by George Leopold, reviewed by Dr. Michael J. Neufeld
  • "An Untaken Road: Strategy, Technology, and the Hidden History of America's Mobile ICBM's" by Steven Pomeroy, reviewed by Dr. Thomas Lassman
  • "Gorodomlya Island. German Rocket Scientists in Russia" by Werner Albring, reviewed by Dr. Dietrich Eckardt
  • "China's Evolving Space Capabilities: Implications for U.S. Interests" by Mark Stokes and Dean Cheng, reviewed by Dr. Roger D. Launius
  • "Mars: Marking Contact" by Rod Pyle, reviewed by David Clow
  • "Blueprint for a Battlestar: Serious Scientific Explanations Behind Sci-Fi's Greatest Inventions" by Rod Pyle, reviewed by David Clow
  • "Faith 7: L Gordon Cooper Jr and the Final Mercury Mission" by Colin Burgess, reviewed by Dr. Michael J. Neufeld.