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Quest Issue: Volume 25 #2
NASA astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson, an Expedition 24 flight engineer, looks through a window in the Cupola of the International Space Station on 11 September 2010.  Credit: NASA

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Table of Contents

  • "A History of Soviet/Russian Missile Early Warning Satellites - Part I" by Bart Hendrickx
  • "Our Window on the World": Life in the Orbital Heterotopia of the International Space Station, " by Haris Durrani (winner 2017 Sacknoff Prize for Space History)
  • "Enigmatic Structure at Cape Canaveral Revealed," by Joel Powell
  • "An Interview with Jerome Hammack, From Propellers to Payload Safety" Interview by Michelle Kelly
Book Reviews

  • "Making the Invisible Visible: A History of the Spitzer Infrared Telescope Facility," by Renee Rottner, Review by David DeVorkin
  • "Our Germans: Project Paperclip and the National Security State," by Brian Crim, Review by Roger Launius
  • "How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, and Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Spaceflight," by Julian Guthrie, Reviewed by Cathleen Lewis
  • "The Future of Human Space Exploration," by Giovanni Bignami and Andrea Sommariva, Reviewed by Cathleen Lewis
  • "Piercing the Horizon: The Story of Visionary NASA Chief Tom Paine," by Sunny Tsiao, Review by Dwayne Day
  • "Bossart: America's Forgotten Rocket Scientist" by Don Mitchell, Review by Roger Launius
  • "Amazing Stories of the Space Age," by Rod Pyle, Review by Roger Launius
  • "The Unreliable Nation: Hostile Nature and Technological Failure in the Cold War," by Edward Jones-Imhotep, Review by Andrew Godefroy
  • "Under Desert Skies: How Tucson Mapped the Way to the Moon and the Planets," by Melissa Sevigney, Review by Roger Launius