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Quest Issue: Volume 26 #1
Space Shuttle Enterprise as it banks on its second approach and landing test, 13 September 1977

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Table of Contents

  • "A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Tragic Losses of Space Monkeys Goliath and Scatback" by Joel Powell
  • "The Saturn-Apollo Launches: The Man Who Built Stage Zero and Lit the Fuse for Stage One: Rocco Petrone," by Edgar Manton
  • "Chengdu's 'Artificial Moon' - A 100-Year Old Idea," by Marsha Freeman
  • "Recollections of Shuttle ALT," by Fred Haise
  • "Contributions of the Approach and Landing Test (ALT) Program to Development of the Space Shuttle Orbiter," by Peter Merlin
  • "Early Spacecraft and Rendezvous and Docking," by John Goodman and Christine Reichert
  • An Interview with Dale Myers, by Carol Butler Kirkland
  • "Historians Reconsider Apollo, 50 Years Later," by Christopher Gainor

From the Archives
  • Outpost I
  • Apollo Command and Service Module, Exploded View Layout
  • Lunar Landing Research Vehicle Outside the Langley Research Center (photo)

Book Reviews
  • "GPS" by Paul Ceruzzi, reviewed by James David
  • "Into the Extreme: U.S. Environmental Systems and Politics beyond Earth," by Valerie Olson, reviewed by Caroline Johnson
  • "Gemini Flies! Unmanned Flights and the First Manned Mission," by David Shayler, reviewed by Christopher Gainor