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Quest Issue: Volume 26 #2
The Moon

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A special, extended length issue of Quest. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of humanity's first steps on the Moon, we decided instead of another retrospective on the program, why not consider "What If?" So we gathered a group of leading space historians (including Pulitzer Prize nominees) and policy experts to identify key moments in the Space Race and consider how things might have been different.

$10 of the price for this issue will go towards funding Space 3.0, a 501c3 charitable foundation seeking to preserve space history.

Table of Contents

  • Dr. James Hansen (If Sputnik Had Not Been First)
  • Dr. John Logsdon (A Very Sad Christmas: Apollo 8)
  • Dr. Howard McCurdy (What if Hubert Humphrey Had Defeated Nixon?)
  • Dr. Roger Launius (Counterfactuals in Space History)
  • Dr. Asif Siddiqi (What if Korolev Had Lived?)
  • Dr. Dwayne Day (Murdering Apollo: John F. Kennedy and the Retreat from the Lunar Goal)
  • Dr. James Vedda (More than One Way to the Moon)
  • Dr. Christopher Gainor (Flying Gemini to the Moon)
  • Dr. Jordan Bimm (Baby Space Station)
  • Matt Bille (What if Sputnik Had Failed?)
  • Emily Carney, Space Hipsters (The Magnificent Career of General Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom, First Person on the Moon)
  • Erika Maurer, (The Risk Factor)
  • Scott Sacknoff (Revisiting Critical Moments Leading to the Moon Landing)
And our oral history with Dee O'Hara, the Astronauts' Nurse, interviewed by Rebecca Wright

From the Archives
  • Where is the Apollo Program Hardware Today?
  • Apollo 11 Quiz
  • MA-6 Contingencies

Book Reviews
  • "Picturing Apollo 11: Rare Views and Undiscovered Moments" by JL Pickering and John Bisney, reviewed by Scott Sacknoff
  • "The Space-Age Presidency of John F. Kennedy" by John Bisney and JL Pickering, reviewed by Scott Sacknoff
  • "The Birth of NASA: The Work of the Space Task Group, America's First True Space Pioneers," by Manfred "Dutch" von Ehrenfried, reviewed by Christopher Gainor
  • "Laika's Widow: The Legacy of a Soviet Space Dog," by Kurt Caswell, reviewed by Jordan Bimm