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Quest Issue: Volume 27 #1
A state funeral was held for Vladimir Komarov and his ashes were buried in the Kremlin Wall.  His widow, Valentina, kneels in front.  Credit: TASS

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    Table of Contents

  • "The Death of Vladimir Komarov: Pressure, Politics, and Parachutes" by Asif Siddiqi
  • Recently Discovered Copy of Official Soyuz-1 Onboard Journal
  • "Apollo Explosive Devices" by Edgard Durbin
  • "Five Questions with Charles Walker"
  • An Interview with Frank Cepollina, the Father of Onboard Servicing
  • First Words on the Moon

    Book Reviews
  • "Shattered Dreams: The Lost and Cancelled Missions," by Colin Burgess, review by James Zimbelman
  • "Women Spacefarers: Sixty Different Paths to Space," by Umberto Cavallaro, review by Margaret Weitekamp
  • "Accessory to War: The Unspoken Alliance between Astrophysics and the Military," by Neil De Grasse Tyson and Avis Lang, review by David DeVorkin
  • "War in Space: The Science and Technology behind Our Next Theater of Conflict," by Linda Dawson, review by Matthew Hersch
  • "Ronald Reagan and the Space Frontier," by John Logsdon, review by Michael Neufeld
  • "The RADARSAT-1 Story: A Canadian Satellite," by Marry Ellen McGuire, review by Andrew Godefroy