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Quest Issue: Volume 19 #2
NASA mission control - Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle

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Table of contents

  • "Chasing Theory to the Edge of Space: The Development of the X-15 at NACA Langley" by Robert Moyer and Mary Gainer
  • "My Life as a NASA Flight Controller" by Cecil Bassham
  • "Super Dyna-Soar: The USAF Dyna-Soar System Program Office In-House Proposal" by David Stern
  • "John Tribe: Tales of a Rocket Engineer", interviewed by Joel Powell

  • Review: "Turning Dust to Gold: Building a Future on the Moon and Mars", by Haym Benaroya, review by Harley Thronson
  • Review: "SpaceShipOne: An Illustrated History" by Dan Linehan, review by Scott Sacknoff
  • Review: "Selecting the Mercury Seven" by Colin Burgess, review by Matthew Hersch
  • Review: "Beyond Pluto : Exploring the Outer Limits of the Solar System" by John Davies, review by Roger D. Launius
  • Review: "Integrating Women into the Astronaut Corps: Politics and Logistics at NASA< 1972-2004" by Amy Foster, review by Michael J. Neufeld
  • Review: "The Apollo Guidance Computer: Architecture and Operation" by Frank OBrien, review by Paul Ceruzzi
  • Review: "When Biospheres Collide: A History of NASA Planetary Protection Programs" by Michael Meltzer, review by Lisa Westwood
  • Review: "Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot: The Remarkable LIfe of Apollo 14 Astronaut Stuart Roosa" by Willie Moseley, review by Benjamin Zibit
  • Review: "Lights of Mankind: the Earth at Night as Seen from Space" by L Douglas Keeney, review by Andrew Johnston
  • Review: "A Kansan Conquers the Cosmos, The Life of Alan Glines" by Alan Glines, review by Jim Remar
  • Review: "Into the Cosmos: Space Explroation and Soviet Culture" by James T Andrews and Asis Siddiqi, review by Brian Frank