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Title: Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly

ISSN: 1065-7738
Launch Date: 1992
Pages: Typically 64, but will expand when content warrants

Official Address:
Quest * PO Box 5752 * Bethesda, MD 20824-5752 * United States

Published quarterly since 1992, each issue of Quest: The History of Spaceflight is packed with articles written by professional and amateur historians alongside interviews with key figures and visionaries. Each 64-page issue, is enhanced with photos and charts that will entice the most casual reader while retaining a level of quality essential for scholarly research.

Quest is the only publication solely dedicated to the history of spaceflight. It exists to capture stories related to the people, projects, and programs that have been part of the last fifty years of the civil, military, commercial, and international space activities.

Editorial Departments
  • Human Flight & Robotic Exploration
  • Technology
  • Military Space
  • International Programs
  • Oral History
  • Space Business and Commerce
  • Archives/Museums

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