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A guide for researchers looking for materials and special collections from astronauts, space executives, and other space related archives.

Space history researchers: Besides the archives found at each of the NASA facilities and the National Archives, material can be found at the various locations. This is a work in progress, so if you are aware of other archives and special collections, please send a note to isbc1@spacebusiness.com so that we can expand this list.

NASA Officials

Beggs, Jim (1959-1981) Stanford University Hoover Institute Archives Stanford, CA
Chamberlain, Joseph (1950-11980) Rice University Fondren Library Houston, TX
Dryden, Hugh, Papers (1908-1966) Johns Hopkins University Special Collections, Milton Eisenhower Library Baltimore, MD
Glennan, Thomas Keith (Diary & Memoir 1958-1961) Dwight D. Eisenhower Library Abilene, KS
Glennan, Thomas (papers 1947-1970) Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH
Kraft, Christopher (1941-1982) Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Carol Newman Library Blacksburg, VA
Mueller, George (Papers 1935-1995) Library of Congress, Manuscript Division Washington, DC
Paine, Thomas O. (Papers, 1966-1982) Library of Congress, Manuscript Division Washington, DC
Pickering, William (papers 1941-1970) California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA
Von Braun, Wernher (Papers 1950-1970) - Library of Congress Manuscript Division
- Space & Rocket Center
Washington, DC
Huntsville, AL
Webb. James (papers 1928-1982) Harry S. Truman Library Independence, MO


Aldrin, Buzz (family papers 1929-2007) Purdue University, record 1002 Purdue, IN
Armstrong, Neil Purdue University, record 121,149, 1002 Purdue, IN
Borman, Frank Georgia State University Atlanta, GA
Bridges Jr, Roy (1985-1987) Purdue University, record 262, 264 Purdue, IN
Cernan, Eugene (papers) Purdue University, record 259 Purdue, IN
Collins, Michael Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA

Glenn, John (papers) Ohio Historical Society Columbus, OH
Grissom, Virgil “Gus” Purdue University, record 243 Purdue, IN
Lind, Don (1963-1994) University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT
Michael, F. Curtis (1963-1974) Rice University, Fondren Library Houston, TX
Voss, Janice (papers, 1962-2007) Purdue University, record 1340 Purdue, IN
Williams, Donald (1978-1990) Purdue University, record 1259 Purdue, IN
Dr. William E. Thornton State Archives of North Carolina
University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston)
North Carolina/Galveston, Texas

Scientists & Researchers

Farouk El Baz Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
Washington, DC

Glaser, Peter (space power, bulk 1975-1995) MIT Institute Archives Boston, Massachusetts

Goddard, Robert (Archives 1920-975) Roswell Museum & Art Center Roswell, NM
Goddard, Robert (Archives 1920-975) Clark University Clark, MA
Gough, Melvin (papers 1919-1971, NACA Administrator) Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
Hill, Paul (1936-1966, worked at NASA) Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
Hartmann, Kenneth (papers 1945-2000 North American Aviation) University of Iowa Iowa City, IA
Nicks, Oran (papers 1960-1991) Texas A&M College Station, TX
Rhodes Townsend, Majorie (papers 1961-1994, NRL/NASA engineer) Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
Spitzer, Lyman (papers, 1936-1997) Princeton University Dept of Rare Books Princeton, NJ
Shoemaker, E.M. (papers, 1950-1972) NARA Pacific Region Laguna Niguel, CA
Van Allen, James (papers 1938-1990) University of Iowa Iowa City


Apollo 17 Surface Electrical Properties Experiment Records 1970-1973 MIT Boston, Massachusetts
COMSAT Laboratories JHU Baltimore, MD
Intelsat (part of the Comsat collecton) JHU Balitmore, MD
Preston Layton Collection on Space Power (1945-1988) Texas A&M Cushing Library College Station, TX
Space Telescope History Project (1952-1991) Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD
Space & Rocket Center Archives University of Alabama Huntsville Huntsville, AL
Space Business and Commerce Archives ISBC / Quest Bethesda, MD

Digital Archives

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/frame.html