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Books written by the Mercury Seven

The Mercury 7 We Seven: By the Astronauts Themselves
John Glenn John Glenn: A Memoir
Gordon Cooper Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey Into the Unknown
Walt Cunningham All-American Boys
M. Scott Carpenter For Spacious Skies: The Uncommon Journey of a Mercury Astronaut
Gus Grissom Gemini: A Personal Account of Man's Venture into Space
Deke Slayton Deke!: An Autobiography

Books written by the Gemini / Apollo Astronauts

Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins First on the Moon: A Voyage With Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.
Neil Armstrong First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong, authorized biography by Jim Hansen
Buzz Aldrin Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon
Buzz Aldrin Return to Earth
Buzz Aldrin Mission to Mars: My Vision for Space Exploration
Alan Bean Apollo : An Eyewitness Account By Astronaut/Explorer Artist/Moonwalker
Alan Bean Painting Apollo: First Artist on Another World
Alan Bean My Life As an Astronaut
Frank Borman Countdown: An Autobiography.
Michael Collins Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys
Michael Collins Flying to the Moon: An Astronaut's Story
Gene Cernan The Last Man on the Moon: Astronaut Eugene Cernan and America's Race in Space
Charlie Duke Moonwalker
Jim Irwin Destination Moon: The Spiritual and Scientific Voyage of the Eighth Man to Walk on the Moon
Jim Irwin To Rule the Night: The Discovery Voyage of Astronaut Jim Irwin
Jim Lovell Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13
Edgar Mitchell The Way of the Explorer: An Apollo Astronaut's Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds, Revised Edition
Bill Pogue But for the Grace of God: An Autobiography of an Aviator and Astronaut
David Scott and Alexei Leonov Two Sides of the Moon: Our Story of the Cold War Space Race
Alan Shepard Moon Shot: The Inside Story of America's Apollo Moon Landings
Deke Slayton Deke!: An Autobiography
Tom Stafford We Have Capture: Tom Stafford and the Space Race
Al Worden Falling to Earth: An Apollo 15 Astronaut's Journey to the Moon
John Young Forever Young: A Life of Adventure in Air and Space

About the Astronauts-Written by Others

Gus Grissom Gus Grissom: The Lost Astronaut (Indiana Biography Series)
Pete Conrad Rocketman: Astronaut Pete Conrad's Incredible Ride to the Moon and Beyond
Alan Shepard Light This Candle: The Life and Times of Alan Shepard
Stuart Roose Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot: The Remarkable Life of Apollo 14 Astronaut Stuart Roosa by Willie Moseley, Foreword by Charlie Duke