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-- For more than a decade they have identified and restored NASA footage. The client list for their library of film is used by media organizations, Hollywood, and even by NASA

Project Mercury

Project Gemini

Gemini Flight Controller Orientation

Saturn V

Saturn I and IB

Apollo 1

Apollo 7

Apollo 8

Apollo 9

Apollo 10

Apollo 11

Apollo 12

Apollo 13: The Real Story

Apollo 14

Apollo 15

Apollo 16

Apollo 17

Space Shuttle Challenger

STS-26: Return to Flight

Developing Project Apollo


Mission to the Moon

Man in Space: Air Force

More films

From the Earth to the Moon
Freedom 7: America's First Space Flight (NASA)
Orphans of Apollo (a documentary on the people who 'bought' the MIR space station)
Apollo 13 (historical fiction)
Space Station / Mission to Mir IMAX (Blu Ray)