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Volume 03 - Issues 1-4
Volume 03 - Issues 1-4

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Volume 3:1 Table of contents

  • The X-15 Spaceplane
  • X-15 Flight Log
  • Test Pilot Elite: An interview with Milt Thompson
  • The X-15 Experience: Milt Thompson Talks about Flying the X-15
  • In Search of X-15
  • Thirtysomething Vostok...
  • A History of Air-Launched Space Vehicles
  • Three Saturn Vs: A Look at the Remaining Saturn V Hardware
  • Poland's Meteor Sounding Rockets
  • The NOTSNIK Program: The Top Secret Air-Launched Satellite Attempts of 1958

Volume 3:2-3 Table of Contents

  • Apollo 11 at 25
  • "It's Time to Go" A Salute to Apollo
  • Spider Talk: Builders of the LM Reunite for 25th Anniversary
  • Project Apollo Bibliography of Books
  • A Race to the Moon: The Flight of Luna 15
  • Moon Shooter: An Interview with Alan Shepard
  • Atlas Shrugged: Future of Historic Monument Up in the Air
  • The German Space Pioneers: An Interview with Marsha Freeman
  • Project Adam: The Army's Man in Space Program;
  • Moon Men: An Interview with Andrew Chaikin author of "A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts"
  • Footprints on the Moon: An Interview with Charlie Duke
  • Celebrating Apollo at Home: A Look at the Various Model Kits Produced of the Saturn V
  • The Secret Life of the Redstone Missile

Volume 3:4 Table of Contents

  • Why the X-20 Program was Proposed
  • A Historical Overview of the X-20 Dyna-Soar Program
  • The X-20 Pilots, The X-20 Hardware and Technology
  • In the Hot Seat: The X-20 Cockpit
  • The X-20 Pressure Suit
  • Why the X-20 Program was Canceled
  • Mourning Star: The Nedelin Disaster
  • Dyna-Soar and the Development of the Titan III Launch Vehicle