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Quest Issue: Volume 11 #4
Quest Issue:  Volume 11 #4

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Table of contents

  • "Chronicling Space-Adventures in Space History" by Matt Billie with Erika Lishock
  • "Rise of the Machines-Telerobotic Operations in the U.S. Space Program" by Savan Becker
  • "Risk Management in the X-Planes Era (D-558-II vs X-IA at Mach 2)," by Curtis Peebles
  • "Canadian Radarsat Program," by Howard Edel, Edryd Shaw, John Falkingham, William Jefferies, Dave Wilson, and Gary Borstad
  • Interview with Neil Hutchinson (Space Station Program Manager) by Jennifer Ross-Nazzal
  • Review: "Lost in Space: The Fall of NASA and the Dream of a New Space Age" written by Greg Klerkx, reviewed by Kristen Starr
  • Review: "To the End of the Solar System: The Story of the Nuclear Rocket" written by James Dewar, reviewed by Stephen Johnson