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Quest Issue: Volume 13 #1
Quest Issue:  Volume 13 #1

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Table of contents

  • "'Mr. Inside' the Rogers Commission: Neil Armstrong's Engineering Style of Analysis in the Space Shuttle Challenger Investigation" by Dr. James Hansen (author of "First Man")
  • "Taking the First Step: Science on Apollo 11" by Christopher Gainor
  • "Reliability in the Apollo Program" by Yasushi Sato
  • "The A4 Rocket - The March 1946 Interrogation of Wernher von Braun by Lt.Commander Robert Truax
  • "An Interview with Charles Mathews" by Donald Pealer
  • "Always Aim to Be First - The Yuri Gagarin Story...Using Words from the Cosmonaut, His Family, and Colleagues"
  • Book Review - "Shades of Gray: National Security and the Evolution of Space Reconnaissance". Book by L. Parker Temple III. Review by Dr. Roger Launius
  • Book Review - "Heavens Fill with Commerce". Book by Virgil Labrador and Peter Galace. Review by Scott Sacknoff