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Quest Issue: Volume 13 #3
Artist conception of the Space Station in orbit

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Table of contents

  • "The Road to Mach 10: A History of the X-43A Test Program at NASA Dryden" by Curtis Peebles
  • "Malinowski in Orbit: 'Magical Thinking' in Human Spaceflight" by Deana Weibel & Glen Swanson
  • "The Space Station: A Laboratory for Policy Sustainment" by Jeff Bingham
  • "The Changing Purpose of the Space Station" by James Vedda
  • "An Interview with Shannon Lucid" by Mark Davison, Rebecca Wright, and Paul Robbins

  • Book Review: "Riding Rockets: Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut" by Mike Mullane, Review by Valerie Neal