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Quest Issue: Volume 13 #4
Quest Issue:  Volume 13 #4

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Table of contents

  • "The AVRO Manned Blue Steel Rocket" by John Allen
  • "The Pioneer Rocket" by Gideon Marcus
  • "Secret Boost Glider Projects of the Cold War (part II)" by Dave Stern
  • "An Interview with Frank Buzard Regarding Discoverer/Corona" by Robert Mulcahy
  • "Convair's Apollo Lunar Excursion Module Proposal - The Forgotten LEM" by Paul Carsola
  • "A Hit or a Myth: Critiques of the Space Race in Popular Recordings" by Apollo C. Vignette
  • "The Herman Potocnik Noordung Memorial Centre" by Goran Jovic
  • Book Review: 'Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity & The Exploration ofthe Red Planet' - Book by Steve Squyres, Review by Dr. David Fisher