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Quest Issue: Volume 14 #4
Artist conception of Sputnik in orbit

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Table of contents - Special Issue, 50th Anniversary of Sputnik

  • "Sphere of Influence: The Sputnik Crisis and the Master Narrative" by Roger Launius
  • "The Sputnik Decision Revisited" by Asif Siddiqi
  • "Sputnik, Eisenhower, and the Formation of the United States Space Program" by R. Cargill Hall
  • "Sputnik: The Human Story" by Matt Bille and Erika Lishock
  • "In Public and Behind Closed Doors: President Eisenhower and Sputnik" by Howard Trace
  • Sputnik System Specifications
  • Media Accounts of Sputnik: Pravda - 7 October 1957
  • Media Accounts of Sputnik: Houston Chronicle - 4 October 1987
  • Memorandum of Conference with the President

  • Book Review: "The Gaither Committee, Eisenhower, and the Cold War" by David Snead
  • Book Review: "Spy Satellites and other Intelligence Technologies that Changed History" by Thomas Graham Jr and Keith Hansen
  • Movie Review: "The Fever of '57"