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Quest Issue: Volume 15 #1
Artist conception of the Explorer rocket in flight

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Table of contents

  • "Martin-Bell's Alternate 1958 Dyna-Soar I Studies Revealed" by Dave Stern
  • "The Failure of Cosmos 57: A Case History in Telemetry Analysis" by Frank Whitmire and Edward Correll
  • "The ORDCIT Project at JPL (1943 - 1946) America's First Long Range Missile and Space Exploration Program" by Frank Malina
  • "Earth Satellites: A First Look by the U.S. Navy" by R. Cargill Hall
  • "An Interview with Konrad Dannenberg" by Roger Launius, Lori Walters, and Stanley Starr
  • "The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook: A Pictoral History of Lunar Vehicles" by Rober Godwin, Apogee Books

  • Book Review: "We Came in Peace for all Mankind: The Apollo 11 Silicon Disk" by Tahir Rahman, review by Dr. Margaret Weitekamp
  • Book Review: "Red Moon Rising: Sputnik and the Hidden Rivalries that Ignited the Space Age" by Matthew Brzezinski, review by Dr. Roger Launius