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Quest Issue: Volume 16 #4
Quest Issue:  Volume 16 #4

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Table of contents

  • An Interview with Joe Gavin Jr: Engineering a Vehicle for Another World
  • An Interview with Bruce Hall: Reporting Triumph & Tragedy in the Space Shuttle Program
  • "The Intelligence Agencies Help Find Whales: Civilian Use of Classified Overhead Photography under Project Argo" by James David
  • "The Elusive Human Maximum Altitude Record" by Daniel Adamo
  • "Kosmic Konspiracy: How I Learned to Question the Evidence" by Joe Felice
  • An Ordinary Joe Lives His Dream When He Least Expected It by Joe Lennox
  • Book Review: A Dictionary of the Space Age
  • Book Review: The Space Shuttle Program: How NASA Lost its Way
  • Book Review: Missiles for the Fatherland: Peenemunde, National Socialism, and the V-2 Missile
  • Book Review: The Adaptive Optics Revolution
  • Book Review: The Saturn V, F-1 Engine: Powering Apollo into History