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Quest Issue: Volume 17 #1
NASA Galileo spacecraft image of the Earth and Moon taken in 1992

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Table of contents

  • An Interview with Joe Engle: To Space by Stick and Rudder
  • Rogers Dry Lake Bed: The Role of Nature's Aerodrome in Spaceflight by Matt Berggren
  • Man, Money, and the Moon: Astronaut Ken Money and the Future of Space Exploration by David Kurtz
  • Survival after Decompression to a Vacuum by John Billingham
  • The Animal Test Program: The MR-2 and MA-5 Flights

  • Book Review: A Fiery Peace in a Cold War, book by Neil Sheehan, review by Rick Sturdevant
  • Book Review: For the Soul of Mankind, book by Melvyn Leffler, review by Dr. Roger Launius
  • Book Review: Rocketbelt Pilot Manual: A Guide by the Bell Test Pilot, book by William Suitor, review by Dave Stern
  • Book Review: The Crowded Universe: The Search for Living Planets, book by Alan Boss, review by Dr. Roger Launius.